Organic Glass bottle Semi-skimmed Milk (1 pint)


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One pint of fresh Organic milk, with a cream top in a reusable glass bottle.


This milk is 100% Organic, pasteurised and non-homogenised.

Environment & Recycling

This milk is delivered in glass bottles. We'd be grateful if you return them to us on your next order (just leave them outside) but this is not essential. Or use them as storage, or recycle in your kerbside glass recycling box.

Usable life

The milk is good for around 6 days from delivery.


Keep refrigerated

About Mossgeil Organic Farm

Farmer Bryce, the third generation of the Cunningham family to work the lands of the tenanted farm of Mossgiel, was fed up being controlled by an unforgiving dairy industry controlled by mega-dairies.  The future the ‘Mossgiel Girls’ (their herd of Ayrshire cows) was uncertain. 

Things had to change! He took charge and notified the dairy he would no longer be supplying them and decided to offer their milk directly. A pasteuriser was installed on-farm to reduce food miles to zero and he committed to become an Organic dairy farm.