The Mediterranean Box (Large)


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Inspired by the tastes of the Italian and French Mediterranean region, we bring a little bit of the sun to Edinburgh! 

This small box is perfect for a family of four. The contents is typically:

White Onions
Red Onions
2 Red Pepper
Coriander large Sprig
Vine of large tomatoes
Punnet mushrooms
Spring onions
Garlic Bulb
Two Lemons
Two limes
4 Oranges
4 Plums
4 Kiwi

We endeavour to deliver the box as described. Sometimes in high-demand periods this can be changed but we promise you will receive high-quality healthy veggies.

Serving suggestion
Serve them in a salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, balsamic and Pomegranate molasses dressing, or oven roasted with salt and herbs. 

Keep cool / refrigerated after purchase to maintain freshness

Recycling info
Plastic-free brown bags and cartons. 100% Recyclable

Product of Scotland where possible