About Us

Hi, I'm Sandy. I live on the southside of Edinburgh which I have called my home for over 15 years! I was brought up in Perthshire surrounded by farming and country life, with access to the richest and freshest ingredients on our doorstep. Every evening my dad would surprise us with new and exciting food that he had sourced on his travels and I now pass that heritage on to my children.

When I'm not sourcing and delivering produce, I'm also fulfilling my other passion as a tour guide, showing people around Scotland, introducing our history and stories to international visitors that come here from around the world. And of course they too are introduced to our enviable natural larder!

I hope you enjoy ordering and using the products from my family to yours.

Order today, delivered tomorrow

We're a small operation which means that we pick our products daily from produce wholesalers and distributors. This means you can order up to 10pm in the evening and your order can be with you as quickly as next day (subject to delivery slot availability).

Low miles local

If we can, we will alway source produce from Scotland, keeping our food miles as low as possible. inevitably some produce comes from further afield and it's land or sea transported by our suppliers.

Our suppliers

We love working with many of the small-batch producers in Scotland that have created their products using the best of ingredients. Together we bring you an ever growing range of products made with the passion we have for delivering them to you.

Our pricing

Our produce is priced competitively and we feel that we offer a real alternative to shopping in big stores. Of course we don't have the same range of products but if there is something you want, let us know and we'll endeavour to add it to our range.